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vejiicakes's Journal

★ Buns of Yogurt ★
11 September 1985
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+ me +
{ d.o.b.} September 11, 1985
{ where } NorCal @ USA
{ sign } Virgo / Cow
+ content +
{ art student }
Specifically, of Animation/Illustration (currently in BFA at San Jose State). Sketch dumps will ensue when I have time.

{ fangeekgirl-type thing}
Anime and manga, cartoons and comics, movies and musicals.

{ slasher }
Of the m/m kind, not the violent kind. ..Though sometimes of the violent m/m kind, I guess.

THIS JOURNAL >> will tend to involve at least one of these three points, if not all three at once. Also; rambling on everything from personal life to fandom silliness to politics, and none too coherently either. If any of that's going to be a problem, you'd probably be best served leaving me off your friendslist.
+ other journals / art galleries +

{ deviantArt }
Not used all that often. They're kind of wankers.

{ y!Gallery }
Like my devArt account. Only marginally more gay.

{ Dreamwidth }
Because it turns out LJ's rules/politics are kind of wanky and offensive too.

{ JournalFen }
Because all too often, Fandom Wank isn't too keen on anonymous commenting.
+ con related / art business +
{ where }
The only cons I attend are Fanime (rarely) and Yaoicon (constantly) because I'm broke and they're local.

{ cosplay }
I'd do it more if my sewing weren't utter ass. Fortunately, I like wearing suits.

{ art tables }
I only started selling artstuff in the Artist Alley in the last two years at Yaoicon. I plan to expand that to Fanime in 2008.

Both previous years were spent selling by super-pro and super-sweet dr_seiji

{ what }
Small trinket things--keychains/phonestraps and bookmarks. Also, quick at-con pencil/ink sketch commissions (used to be I'd do longer, more involved ones, but I'm still working on those from Ycon '06, so it turns out I have poor time management skills). Will start selling art prints... probably.

{ Commissions? }

  • At Conventions: OPEN
  • Online: CLOSED.
    Won't be re-opened until current commissions are completed. Or unless I really really like you.

{ trades/collabs }
Yeah, sure.
+ blog crew +

[X] Nico Robin
[X] Smoker
[X] Iceburg
[X] Hina
[X] Norland
[X] Rob Lucci
[X] Shanks
[X] Usopp
[X] Sanji
[X] Roronoa Zoro
[X] Monkey D. Luffy
[X] Fullbody
[X] Pell
[X] Vivi Nefertari
[X] Mr. 2 Bon Clay
[X] Mr. 1 Daz Bones
[X] Tashigi
[X] Kohza
[X] Crocodile
[X] Calgara
[X] Johnny
[X] Yosaku
[X] Kaku
[X] Nojiko
[X] Tony-Tony Chopper
[X] Nami
[X] Califa
[X] Portagas D. Ace
[X] Spandam
[X] Pauley
[X] Miss Doublefinger
[X] Franky
[X] Mr. 13
[X] Mr. 9
[X] Jango
[X] Captain Kuro

+ participation +

+ fanlistings + colorbars +

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