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RatiganWIP Oh, hey, look who still draws things every once in a blue moon. (Yeah, it's a human Ratigan, because guess what I found out: animal drawing eludes me.) Oh, hmm, gotta fix that arm holding the bitch-stick.. I'm still working on trying to develop a human Basil that's not too moe or whatever.

Anyway, hi flist, it's been a while! Sorry for all the twitter feeds and generally not keeping up on what's been going on with you lot. Anything I should catch up on? What's new with you guys since we last chatted? :)

For me, it's lots of new stuff, and lots of the same old stuff: still in school, working on getting my degree in animation, and so forth. Haven't applied for internships yet, but in fairness, really haven't had the time -_- In true ~me~ fashion, I'm still somewhere in between furiously busting my ass and chronic procrastination. The newer new stuff could probably get a post of its own. Older new stuff, I'm not sure how far back to go, but..

This past year in review

  • Last summer, animated on two different student films (Moonchase and the excellent No Robots, congrats to the director on all the film festivals!)

  • Same summer, most of my animation work went to my professor's indie film house produced Enrique Wrecks the World, a fun, cracky cartoony gore-fest where I got to make a cat ravage the bodies of baby birds and blow up a whale, among other things.

  • The latter film got our team a nomination from the Academy for Best Short, so we got to attend the Annie Awards! Got our nom alongside Teddy Newton for his stunning (and well-deserved award-winning--seriously, you don't mope about losing to Pixar) Day & Night short. We also sat right between the Dreamworks team (who we joined in freaking out over all the How To Train Your Dragon wins) and Eric Goldberg. Matt Groening was there as a guest-of-honor as well, and we just kind of expired on the spot every time we saw him XD

  • Traveled to Canada for the Ottawa Animation Film Festival with a handful of classmates, which was pretty sweet! On top of a lot of diverse selections of excellent animations from all over the world, there was also a really awesome selection of Osamu Tezuka shorts--even if you're familiar with all his manga work, you wouldn't believe what a versatile filmmaker he was! We also took an afternoon off to see as much of Parliament and bits of Québec as possible. (Finally got to try poutine, which I now despair of finding anywhere here in California.)

  • Finally got to see old LJ buddy notrafficlights in person! For one semester she exchanged into my school's animation/illustration program and kinda took the department by storm ^_^ Miss you bb~

  • Got what I guess could be considered a project-based job. Basically a Global Climate Change awareness campaign decided to funnel its message into a marketable and entertaining mascot, hoping it could be used for PSAs and as a teaching platform for educators. So the guy leading it brought the project to our department and asked for storyboarders to take some basic GCC prompts and turn them into fun 2-minute animatics, which would be used to generate interest with sponsors. I'm.. not going into storyboarding for my major, but they asked me anyway, and I like having money, so I've been doing animatics for them for a year now :)

So yeah! Busy but having a good, productive time with it. I think last year was instrumental in bringing me out somewhere on the positive end of the artist's perpetual "OMG I'M AWESOME"-to-"FUCK I'M JUST TERRIBLE WHAT AM I DOING HERE" warring spectrum. Or at least it was, and continues to be, a confidence booster. At any rate, hopefully at least some of the above will look good in my thin little portfolio. Meanwhile, summer's just begun, and instead of kicking back I'll be spending it animating for the No Robots director on another of his films over the summer.

When I'm not doing that, I'll be busy working with my own team of artists on pre-production for an animated short film I'll be directing between now and fall semester O_______________O More on that later, for sure. Because at some point I'm bound to have a nervous breakdown about it and you will hear of it.

[Art] My Little Pony (Stark), Take 2
Marvel: Tony: Genius
All right, here's what's gonna happen. I'm gonna do this again, only this time I'm grudgingly giving in to DeviantArt on account of their very dependable Flash player whatever thing. Cuz you need that to get the full effect...

My Little Pony Stark
by ~vejiita4eva on deviantART

So, you know, go. Go get it.

Testing, testing..
Marvel: Tony: Genius
Okay, you need to have Flash enabled in your browser (or something, I dunno) but let me know if you can see...

(Give it a couple seconds to load)


Move your mouse over it--hopefully, little Pony Stark will follow it.

And yes, his cutie mark is an arc reactor. Let's pretend it makes any sense on his flank instead of his chest.

From Twitter 05-08-2011
ST: Jou!Trek Sporky backrubbins
5/1/2011Collapse ) 5/4/2011Collapse )

  • 01:55:43: That moment where you realize you haven't backed up the most recent save files from your (final-reel) animation scenes from the school comps

  • 17:11:39: Crap crap CRAP I'm drifting into another Star Trek fandom (Deep Space Nine), I *so* don't need this distraction right now T_T
    • Damn you Doctor Bashir...
    • @deani_bean Is it pretty consistently good throughout or do I have a Heroes-esque letdown to look forward to in later seasons?
    • @deani_bean Awwww I hate character death :( Still gonna give it a go though, I AM hearing good things. I'll just treat it like Death Note..

  • 12:53:00: @deani_bean What's to judge? I thought Kick Ass was generally regarded as pretty good. (Plus, as a deconstruction of the super hero genre I liked it WAY more than the Watchmen movie..)

5/9/2011Collapse ) 5/10/2011Collapse ) 5/11/2011Collapse ) 5/13/2011Collapse )

From Twitter 04-30-2011

  • 16:35:50: RT mei_yanohi: Wow, hats off to Supernatural for killing a woman and a black Jew in the same episode. Always trying to break their own records! #smh

  • 19:50:02: For some reason, watching Doctor Who got me back into the groove of watching anime ^_^;; I watched Kino no Tabi and checked back in on Galaxy Express 999.
    • For new anime, I got all of Puella Magi to start marathoning at some point. In the meantime, I'm checking out Deadman Wonderland; seems interesting/creepy :)
    • I do approve of the chain gang convicts strapped into cheery stuffed theme park animal mascot suits XD Also HELL~OOO CAPTAIN-MAKINA NURSE! (Seriously look at this HBIC!)
    • @gem2niki The first season with Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor? I think so--that's where I started anyway :) 10 is great too!



From Twitter 04-29-2011

  • 00:48:32: For the first time in.. I dunno, years, I put off a ton of homework for the siren call of fanart. Apparently I still racka disciprine T_T

  • 18:07:53: HAH. My director just had another animator hold my arms so I wouldn't punch him for telling me to dump all the animation I did in response to his last critique, and go back to the way I had the scene before.

From Twitter 04-28-2011

  • 00:20:04: Oh. Right. Got storyboarding, some traditional animation, and 1/3 of a Flash film to finish. I should.. stop sitting here like a lump.

  • 01:52:44: @halcyonjazz I'd been eying Puella Magi Madoka Magica for a little while, but once again, your excitement over a series is responsible for that final push :)

  • 19:48:18: Best way to defuse a violent scenario I've EVER seen:


  • 23:48:30: Working the connections, working the connections... oh god making this movie is going to require me to *network*... #functioningIntrovert

  • 04:52:49: @notrafficlights I procrastinate on tedious/easy shit ALL THE TIME. All the goddamn time. ..I also do this with things that are difficult/time consuming though.

  • 15:27:17: @notrafficlights Is that the position where she kicks everyone's ass into gear, including the director? Then yes. (Though the department heads' assistant volunteered as production manager. Dunno what that is but it sounds authoritative!)

  • 15:48:17: RT Mo Tancharoen Funny stuff: Uncomfortably sexual company logos [link]


"Oh give it up, I know."
Auth: When he smiles you're shit out of
Dave: "Know what?"

Santana: "That you're gay."

Wonder if they just had to reshoot or if that was just all part of the stunning subliminal visual subtlety (HA) that is the heart of this show XD

From Twitter 04-26-2011
Flapjack: *geekface*

  • 02:19:13: @halcyonjazz HANNA IS SO GOOD. I LOVED THE HELL OUT OF IT. It's stylish in all the right ways and gritty and mysterious in others and loooove~!
    • @halcyonjazz Also, audiences who went to Sucker Punch hoping for ass-kicking ladies and stylish fight sequences shoulda gone to Hanna.
    • @halcyonjazz Only the latter also has language porn and ruthless/hot agents and sexy suits and THAT'S ALL ROLLED INTO CATE BLANCHETT. If.. if that does anything for you, I mean. (Also GO SEE IT I need someone to flail over this movie with.)

  • 19:56:09: RT Misha Collins: I have good news & bad news. The good news is the reality show I like about the two brothers who take acid & hunt ghosts gets a 7th season.
    • [NOTE: I think this is the bad news too; I just like how he decribes the show XD]

  • 20:01:55: Sweeeet, Glee's starting :D I'm surprised how excited I am about this episode.
    • @mei_yanohi I've been waiting for that boy to make it up to me (I know) since his Regionals duet with Blaine; glad he's letting it out again! (Haven't gotten there yet, but I'm looking forward to it! At the moment, still squirming through the deliciousness that is Santana ~plotting~!
    • RT mellowdeeLEE: DAVID KAROFSKY. I CANNOT EVEN. #YouInABeret
      • @mei_yanohi Not to mention the SHINY SHINY BRIGHT CANDY RED JACKETS
    • I know this song has been in probably every stupid ass Notebook-esque movie trailer but I am kind of getting choked up..
    • Kurt, only you could wear a prison guard's keys around your neck and look so amazing ^_^
      • @mei_yanohi I would just look like a bike-lock hoarding hobo or something if I tried, but he looked SO GOOD. He looks *gorgeous* this ep!
      • @mei_yanohi I think after the weeks of being corseted by the Dalton uniform he just had to ~SHINE~ once he was back home
    • Oh. Well. I'm so glad Glee omitted the topical orientation-based "Born This Way" lyrics while preserving the lyrics that're actually kind of objectionable :/
    • --CUT FOR SPOILERY BITS--Collapse )
    • @mei_yanohi OMG even the fact that it was LIKES BOYS instead of GAY just seemed.. extra *extra* beautifully Kurt, for some reason *^__^* I.. kind of yelped IRL when they unzipped his jacket and he's just like BAM, BEHOLD PEONS, THAT'S HOW I ROLL.

I'm a total sap and went to sleep with Darren Criss' version of "Somewhere Only We Know" on repeat on my iPod (which sounds really nice with a louder bass, by the way). Also SO SAPPY UGH WHY IS THIS ME.

From Twitter 04-21-2011
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  • 10:47:53: In the wee hours of this morning, I was aching to collapse into bed. And then I found that the cat had vomited all over it. And my pajamas.


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