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Oh right, this is a thing I used to update

Wow, okay, I guess it's been over a full year since I mucked about on Livejournal.  Wild..  I can only assume those who are still watching me have either moved onto Tumblr (WHICH I CAN'T- IDGI EVERYTHING IS SO CONFUSING AND I'M OLD) or forgot?

Regrettably for the past year I'd been too busy and overwhelmed with school/job crap to visit the old flist.  Recently I started tucking into Tumblr and checking out the.. tags and whatnot, but since sliding back into a couple fandoms, I realized I really miss the sense of community on LJ. Tumblr still kind of freaks me out. (BTW if you want, I'm here, though I don't do much but reblog and then get confused again by the interface...)

So the sparknotes version, within the last year, I:

  • "Graduated" with my BFA (still got some forms, but eh)

  • Started taking on some contracts for various animation/game studio work that I guess I can't talk about yet? Also taking a bunch of tests for some bigger animation studios that I really really reallyreallyreally want, so we'll see how that goes.

  • Thank heavens FINALLY FINISHED the animated short film I've been directing since the previous summer! More information/behind the scenes stuff on that here. I can't put the full thing up online yet because I'm farming it out for certain festivals and award shows with strict publishing rules, speaking of which:

  • Somehow, insanely, the folks at ASIFA-Hollywood nominated the film for an Annie Award O_O So next month, a bunch of my crewmates and I are heading for LA to attend the ceremony. I've been spending all month dieting and learning to walk in heels and trying not to cry at the thought of sitting next to the people who made Wreck-It Ralph and Brave because DUDE WAT. Kind of bummed that we missed out on Patton Oswalt as the host last year; I hope whoever they get this time is equally as awesome. A lot of the other nominees in my category are super pro and amazing, I'm pretty excited just to be going XD

  • Did not draw. Addendum: didn't do any fun stuff just for the pleasure of creating, or fanarty stuff that wasn't for an event exchange, which I'm regretting now because all of a sudden the Avengers was really really opular and I wanted to be on board for that.  Might've been too stressed out and mopey..  Anyway I think I might finally be over that becaaaause-
Fandom-wise, I actually got back into Les Misérables something crazy hard.  [Fandom and shippy stuff]That was my jam during childhood (because it turns out my parents are super gay for musicals and they wanted me to be too) and...looking back on it now, I'm beginning to see how repeated viewings of Philip Quast's Javert in the 10th Anniversary Concert molded a lot of my prevailing character archetype crushes in the years that followed: Uniform? Check. Stoicism? Check. Self-righteous? Check. Kind of a straight laced asexual anti-hero type? Check. Powerful desire to see dude he has an ongoing rivalry with mess him up? Check and check.

A peek into what fandom there was for it about a decade ago was pretty disappointing, especially as someone who liked the Valjean/Javert dynamic the most, but wonderfully Tom Hooper's film seems to have breathed new life into the fandom and the ship in particular.  (I have Thoughts on his film, but three viewings later I feel like it's mostly just "I don't mind Crowe's voice as long as I'm looking at him" and "medium shots plz".  That, and we'd better get an artbook where we can see those beautiful sets, because it's like Hooper didn't want us to see them.)  And for the first time in years, I'm doing the whole obsessive inbox checking for updates thing every couple of hours, and honestly itching to do some drawing again.  I don't know if that's sad or what, but I'm kind of excited to be feeling like this again.  Even if it is, once again, when I'm right in the middle of some looming deadlines XD  

So that's it--I hope to be around more to see what all you lovely folks are up to these days, because I've missed you :)  WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO, SWEET PEAS? *chinhands*
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