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So whose Captain America: The First Avenger premiere experience involved at least one audience member breaking out into a round of AMERICA, FUCK YEAH? (I'd set up a poll but I don't feel like it.)

Speaking of the audience, we spotted a couple star-spangled cosplayers in line, one person wearing the actual American flag, and one Na'vi.

Yeah, I don't know.

Without getting spoilery, it was fun. HAM and CHEESE everywhere (Weaving brought the ham; headshots!with!effects! brought the cheese), plus a heaping helping of weird music video shots that confused more than informed where the characters were or what they were doing or why, but one doesn't question that many motorcycle jumps and leaping-over-explosions moments XD Like I said, fun.

  • I kind of wish they'd played up more of a relationship/camaraderie between Steve and Howard. Possibly this would have the unfortunate(?) consequence of making Steve's later friendship with Tony feel like something borne of Steve seeing the father in the son, but.. I mean they were totally already playing up the "LOL look how young!Howard is kind of reminiscent of Tony" angle anyway!

    I'm not sure how to trace that first sentence into the second one, now that I'm reading them over, but shut up it's 3:30am and that's what crossed my mind -_-

  • raane: What was the point of having the other guys crash in through the window?
    vejiicakes: Well Steve was.. kind of a... decoy...? Okay no one said he was an awesome tactician. [mimics Steve flexing his manboobs until his plan makes sense to everyone]

  • Heh, Red Skull labels his mini bomb planes. I guess in case they forget which target they belong to (like underoos!)

  • Was Jim Morita always from Fresno? Or this new movie canon? Either way, his being a resident of California makes his enlistment even more interesting...

  • HOLY CRAP I didn't realize Neal McDonough was Dugan until they zoomed in way past the whiskers and I got a gander at the eyes under the bowler hat O_O

  • Tell me that was Maria Hill in the Avengers teaser.
But I will say, I'm mildly disappointed Cap didn't jack anyone's car. Or at least add a little homage to this:

I don't honestly have that many thoughts on this. Chris Evans was probably the best thing about it--I was skeptical (not because I didn't think he could handle a dramatic role, but because I had suspicions about where they were going with the character, as Evans tends to be typecast) but he was capable and, you know, he was fine. Also foine.

So was Bucky. And Peggy. And random sexy!Tudor lady.

(BTW Hayley Atwell, the actress who plays Peggy, said "man-boobs" on Craig Ferguson which makes her my favorite person of the week :3)
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