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In between animating my shots, I did a couple practice doodles of Hicox!Fassbender. This was the only one that didn't look like it should be selling a roll of Brawny paper towels XD

Usually when it comes to fanart, I try to approach it more as getting the feel of the character than the likeness of the actor, but for some reason I'm.. actually trying to get him to look like Michael Fassbender without just going into portraiture. (Not quite there yet, but this is also a bit less stylized than I'm used to too..) I figure the more I draw him without reference, the more I'll be able to simplify him in my style :3

In the meantime, so far summer's been spent either animating on my classmate's film during the weekdays, meeting with the pre-production team for my film over the weekend, and trying to scrape time to work on stuff for those meetings, um, also during the weekdays. Fun times.

I still get a little panicky when I think about being responsible for a production team (who never wanted to be a director ever? THIS GUUUUUY :D) Especially leading a team of artists when I'm still so ehhhn about my own capabilities as an artist. Still, I nabbed some good people to delegate responsibilities and various specialty areas to, so that's some relief.

Anyway, at the upcoming meeting, we'll be looking over everyone's take on the lead character design. I'm hoping this won't have to involve a session in "This Is How To Draw East Asian Faces, And No That Doesn't Mean Just Draw A ("Normal"/Default/White) Face With Hilariously Tilted Slit Eyes" but even with all the Asian people in our department, I'm not holding my breath. I'll just look forward to being pleasantly surprised.
Tags: *animation project, *art: sketch
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I would just like to suggest that you draw Fassbender as often as possible. Like, all the time. And post them here for me to ogle offer constructive feedback. :D
This is an excellent suggestion! I'll have to discipline myself to the utmost, perhaps lovingly gaze upon his countenance for hours on end research repeatedly to better inform my craft! :D

(Also I don't know if you happened to pass my trial run on human!Ratigan a couple journal entries ago, but.. well he's there, basically.)

Deleted comment

Aww thanks! Probably still too woobly in the eyes but then he does get woobie eye moments too... but 'm working on it :D

Deleted comment

Ahhh I wish I had more art to post (I mean, art that was of interest to my fandom sphere because my storyboards and Maya exercises aren't much fun for anyone) T__T

Naturally the moment I had time and energy for actually fun artsy stuff life was like HERE, TAKE ALL THE PROJECTS so, bleh. But aaahhh thank yooou, that means a lot, Fassbender's crazy soulful expressive eyes, IDEK how he DOES THAT O___O


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