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Daily Show 12/9/08

OH DAMN Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee just had a smackdown about gay marriage!

It was a very polite, calm discourse as smackdowns go, but I'm still calling it one.

Huckabee: There's a difference between someone living a particular lifestyle choice..
Stewart: Religion is FAR more a choice than homosexuality. And we defend people's right to religion.


Also, Huckabee failed to address a number of Jon's (very good and much more focused criticism than the Prop 8 Musical) points, such as the fact that the definition of marriage has changed and evolved as the times demanded, choosing instead to fall back on the tired and evasive justifications of human anatomy/chromosomes. Seriously, marriage is not your anatomy, marriage is not procreation. Why does this still need saying? Oh, and then he made a point of getting butthurt over having his beliefs called homophobic. B'awwww.

EDIT: Mike Huckabee, for those who didn't know, campaigned for the presidential elections. And also has stated that GAY PEOPLE ARE NOT OPPRESSED. Why does Huckabee say that gay people are not oppressed? Because they haven't been BEATEN ENOUGH. Yes, he did. Yes, he's much crazier than he appears on TV.

Also, PSYCHOLOGY FINAL TOMORROW OH NOZ. So I can't call in to cut out of class for Day Without a Gay, though I've got my white knot all made up and ready to go. To everyone else contributing to tomorrow, in whatever manner you can, I salute you.
Tags: gay, politics, tv
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