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Happy Halloween!

Little late, I guess, but I just got back from trick-or-treating and a much needed shower. (Fortunately acrylic sluices right off.)

Oh, right, so this was my costume:

Just orange pekoe black tea and watered down acrylic paint, if you were wondering. I sewed the nightgown from the most ridiculous pattern I've ever seen and ALSO I don't really know how to sew but, hey, what else can you do when you can't find non-floral or non-sexy nighties anywhere? You can't really see it in the photo, but there's a mottled gray patterning on my skin. And I could not, in fact, see very well at all. Which was convenient because all the houses we went to were made out of stairs.

Anyway, got a small but respectable candy haul from the area around campus, and got to forget for a couple of hours that I still have a metric fuckton of things to do this week -_- Including a brief presentation on my film for the school's chancellor or something which IIIII can't stop being jittery about. Le sigh.

(I'll talk about that in more detail when I can finally wrap my brain around the experience of directing an animated short film. Right now, I'm still lazy from Twitter and between BFA and directing, I think I just has the dumb for everything else at the mo...)

Hope your Halloween was safe and fun! :D
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Good GOD man, I would have been screaming like a little girl everytime I saw you
HAHA and you know, it seemed like the adults we passed while trick or treating did far more yelping/screaming than any of the small children!
0.0 If I saw you coming down the street, I'd probably jump into the bushes and weeeep while making hysterical little wheezing noises.
My scariness was seriously hampered by the candy bag clutched in my sweaty hand and my constantly bumping into things XD
NGL, I would have been like those people in the background, keeping a wary distance. Also, I might burst into tears if I saw you lurking in the back of any of my photos.

...Which, all in all, makes that one hell of a successful costume! ♥
Hee, thank you!

HAHA when I walked up and my classmates first opened the door (again, couldn't really see) it seemed like they were taking longer than one would expect in letting me in. Maybe a couple seconds after standing aside, one of them nervously poked a hole in my hair and was like, "AH, okay, just had to make sure it was you XD"
Your classmates are exceptionally brave for even poking a hole in your hair. I would have gone straight for the holy water.
holy monkeyballs
Nyeeheehee XD
So glad that I'm not alone to think your costume would've scared the bejesus out of me. I'm a wuss to begin with, but man, I would've shoved a trick-or-treater or two in your path and run. ;)
Not gonna lie, this is one of the scariest Asian horror trope characters for me too XD Just having the wig hanging up in my bathroom creeped me out every time I had to go in there.

No idea if the Scraggly Long Haired Nightie Clad Girl will be less scary to me now after having been under it all, but it was totally worth it to watch like burly dudes chaperoning their families getting all jumpy around me XD
Bwahahaha, I would have loved to see that! Although I'm very curious how you were able to see those guys being jumpy, wig in the way and all. ;)
I tried to keep a small part in my hair right in front of one of my eyes--it shifted every time I walked, but it allowed me to see a sliver when I stood still. Also two of them approached and made "shit's scary!" noises, and then one asked to take a photo with me for his Facebook XD
Holy crap! :O That's amazingly scary. Well done!
D'aww, that's what I like to hear XD Thank you!
And *that* costume is the one that would have seen me handing the Bowl O'Candy to my brother and going back up the driveway^^
HAHA well, I didn't have anyone backing away from giving me candy, but I did spot some costumed guys in one of the haunted house setups kind of freeze up and then execute one of the most hesitant "boo" lunges I've ever seen XD
I think this is the scariest halloween costume I have ever seen o_o
That makes me so happy ^___^
Dude, that turned out great! (on a tangent, the kids at today's school always ask me to do " American Sadako, *snicker*)