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Toy manufacturers strike a blow against true equality

(A customer wearing very affluent clothing walks over holding a “Dora the Explorer” plush doll.)
Customer:“Hello, can you help me?”
Employee:“Certainly, what I can I do for you?”
Customer:“I’m looking one of these, but in white.”
Employee:“Oh, you mean like this?” *shows the customer a similar plush toy but wearing a white dress*
Customer:“NO! NO! One that is WHITE!”
Employee:*puzzled* “I’m sorry, but this is the only other one we have in stock…did you see it on our website? Was it another style of clothing?”
Customer:“NO! WHITE, LIKE ME!” *points at her face*
Employee:“You mean…a Caucasian Dora?”
Customer:“YES! Where do you have them?”
Employee:“Ma’am, Dora was designed to help people from different backgrounds come to understand their common ground; Dora therefore doesn’t come in a different skin tone. She is what she is.”
Customer:“WHAT? That is RIDICULOUS! Give me a WHITE DORA!”
Employee:“I’m very sorry ma’am, but they simply don’t exist…”
Customer:“Fine! I’ll take my business elsewhere!” *storms out*
[(The Customer Is) Not Always Right]

Tragic. She probably meant for that doll to go to her own little girl, only to be told she couldn't have one that looked like her. This is why we need forward-thinking, truly color-blind studio execs like the good folks at Paramount.

So that never again will Caucasian children feel marginalized by the avalanche of characters of color running rampant through the mainstream. Dora ain't white? For shame, Nickelodeon. For shame.

WHAT'S MORE, apparently there's a live-action/CGI TV movie of Dora the Explorer in the works. From the article in the New York Post:

"Our first priority is to cast someone who's Latina and bilingual," she says. "We'll cast someone between the ages of 10-13."

Shocking. Casting a Latina actress to play a Latina character. Have you ever heard something so audaciously racist? Why not just put up a sign that says, "WHITES NEED NOT APPLY?" I thought we were supposed to judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin! It's a sad world we live in today.

I'll bet if this were being released in a theater and therefore through Paramount Pictures, this anti-Anglo racism would never have been permitted.

(But seriously, according to the Dora wiki entry, re: the TV movie, yes, Dora indeed "will still be of Hispanic descent." Huzzah! Huzzah! Huz-I didn't realize that was in question O_O)

So, was this post heavy enough on the sarcasm? Actually, a lot of this is pretty much verbatim some of the 'well-meaning' arguments I've encountered in the last three months of debating the casting of Paramount's movie adapting Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender to the big screen. I just changed "Asian" to "Latina" and "Aang" to "Dora". Just offering that up.

Anyway, I'm really happy for the Dora fans. I'd probably care more myself if I were, um, eight. And then it makes me sad again to realize that I'd be so pleased over something so, well, basic.
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