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[Art] SuperBatSlashery

Fandom: DC comics
Pairing: Clark/Bruce (Supes/Bats)
Rating: PG
Medium: Watercolor T__T
Mood music: SupesBats fanmixes
A/N: Completed for the worlds_finest Secret Santa exchange, for the prompt "Rain". Both primarily influenced by current movieverse, though Bruce himself was more a product of obsessively re-reading jen_in_japanfic, though I'd be hardpressed to pinpoint which one/s. It was... fun to work with watercolors after so long (the Midnighter one doesn't really count; it was an ink wash) and intimidating as hell ^_^;;

Also, to those in the exchange, thank you also for all your kind comments!


Tags: *art, comic: dc, genre: slash
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